Information about us - History and Future

PEFRA as a company originated in 1946, when Franz Peschler founded the "Peschler automotive factory" in Moosburg. Initially the product line consisted of small handcarts and trolleys but the company soon saw the need for flexible transport systems in the post-WWII economy. Planning and production of trailers and electrical vehicles commenced.

All necessary parts - e.g. wheels, brakes, transmissions - were produced locally, according to the economical zeitgeist of the era. The resolution to pursue this policy while simultaneously expanding the enterprise, alas, led to bankrupcty in 1995.

Nonetheless several employees, the attorney involved and the visionary house bank had the courage to start over again. Concentrating on core business and fewer production sites together with entrepreneurial courage and considerable investments of private capital provided excellent starting conditions for the newly founded "PEFRA Flurförderzeuge GmbH".

Fortunes started to rise rapidly since this point in 1995. 1997 the company relocated to a new and larger administration and production site located at Eching/Weixerau, in Niederbayern. New employees joined the company and manufacturing processes were optimized.

On 1st of August 2013, Johann Kaltenhauser joined the PEFRA the board of directors. With a new economic strategy, the manufacturing part of the company was converted to PLC (Public Limited Company)

Currently, PEFRA has established itself in the market successfully. Still, the challenges faced due to globalized markets and the associated competition "quality versus cost products," are remarkable.

In calm determination, with confidence and clear decisions, PEFRA has overcome the global economic crisis in 2008-2009, without laying off the staff. The style of addressing these challenges, to master it and shape the future, will also enable PEFRA AG to win the future.

Meanwhile PEFRA has developed at a high technical level as an innovative company in the industry. Steady investments at the production sites, solidity and reliability of our products, a sound growth strategy and not an exaggerated ambition, trust and openness are the cornerstones for that. Our customers appreciate durable, stable and solid products, honoring this with long-term partnerships and thereby stabilize our good reputation.

We have already tackled the necessary developments in the reality and opened the door to the future. People do not always tend to try new things. The more unobtrusive the change takes place in the reality, the more normal will be the use in the future.

Innovative ideas, a tradition of craftsmanship, long-term employees, open communication, a balanced financial structure and our large product portfolio are the basis for our optimism.

PEFRA - made in Bayern