Electric transporters 615

Electric transporter 615

Proven and technical reliability are outstanding features of the type 615. The ergonomically comfortable design immediately catches the eye and gives sovereignty and security.
PEFRA Electric Trucks or PEFRA Electro Vans offer for work a high-performance and an emission-free technology in closed halls and factory spaces (indoor), but also in the outdoor area. A stable steel frame construction in conjunction with high-quality modules, such as driver's platform, steel cabins*, crane bodies*, barrel assemblies*, side panels*, etc. ensure active and perceived passive safety for the day-to-day work.
It's two sprung and cushioned seats in the driver's cabin ensure fatigue-free working.
Threefold damped and sprung (suspended chassis, decoupled and damped booth and suspended driver's seat), help our model 615 a pleasant workplace, whose variably configurable loading area can be adjusted as per the user's requirements by additional aluminum side panels* or other structures*. With its lateral quick battery change, the vehicle can be used practically in multi-shift operation.
With loads up to 1500 kg and in additionally till 3500** kg trailer loads of beefy 7.5 kW three-phase motor moves the user with high torque. Hydraulically operated rear drum brakes, front disc brakes and a hydraulic steering unit ensures security. The automatic emergency brake holds the electric platform truck safely on the holding position.
The 615 convinces in chemical plants, apparatus, municipalities, aluminum industry, and horticulture business and in the plastics industry. The max.speed is limited to 24 km/h to ensure maximum safety in confined spaces. 6 sunken and embedded lashing rings offer standard loading security. Even the standard version of this platform truck fulfills a variety of requirements. Various special equipments* and equipment options* allow to adjust this vehicle more individually depending on the operation site and the working conditions.
The vehicle is offered in standard with loading areas with 1500 mm and 2295 mm length.
Die Details können der technischen Fahrzeugbeschreibung des Basismodells 615 entnommen werden.
* Surcharge
** halted towing capacity

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