Electric towing tractors510 B

Electric tow tractor 510 B

The electric tractor model 510 is a product that has been designed for the load range up to 1500 kg.
Regarding its design, plastic coating is deliberately avoided, in favor of a robust but lightweight steel structure. Robustness, stability, reliability and versatility of EFZ 510 are excellent attributes which are particularly appreciated in its main application areas, such as, the automotive industry, chemical plants, water treatment plants, shipping companies and packaging industry.
The 510 has the most advanced four-quadrant motor control of the three-phase technology, which produces a continuously variable driving speed.
The EFZ 510 is equipped for 24 V drive batteries*, which is particularly robust and easy to maintain. The battery replacement can be performed by simply tilting the driver's seat and the battery cover, which significantly streamlines the operation. Of course, other types of batteries may be installed in the vehicle, but this entails other range values. The vehicle is also available in an extended version, whereby the additional battery space can be used for increasing the range.
The mechanically easily controllable drum brake acts on the driving wheels (rear axle); independent of that the emergency brake is pressed automatically via the zero position on the accelerator pedal. The engine brake comes into force as soon as the driver takes his foot off the accelerator. Here, the motor current is "created", which is fed back into the battery.
Two basic models, special equipments* and variable types allow the EFZ 510 an optimum matching to the respective operation site and comply with all requirements of the user.
By means of individual equipment variations*, for example, a weather protection roof*, lighting according to German road traffic regulations (STVZO) with LED technology*, different tyre options*, spray galvanizing versions*, etc. the most versatile customer requirements are also fulfilled.
Die Details können der technischen Fahrzeugbeschreibung des Basismodells 510 entnommen werden.
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Special equipment is not included in the price of the basic equipment configuration of the vehicle.

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