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Track-bound transport systems, track vehicles

PEFRA track vehicles are designed for low to very high loads.
The low-wear and low-friction transmission of forces between wheels and tracks have been known since the invention of the rail transport. Associated therewith, is an energy efficiency, which cannot be achieved approximately with conventional road vehicles or lift trucks. In addition, large blocked trains can be put together.
Most common are track and rail vehicles, which are led on two parallel tracks. However, there are also track vehicles, which are led only by means of a rail, whereby the second track is led with a motor technique.
Our product range is designed for the load operation. Track vehicles are, whether their bound trace, less prone to accidents and very-well suited for automated supply and delivery requirements.
Whether automatic target travel by transponder, remote control, mechanical switching devices, control panels, or with control bottles, engineers and constructors of PEFRA always have a ready customer-oriented solution. The start-up of stations with automatic loading equipments can be done technically self-sufficient.
Our vehicles are equipped, according to the customer's request, with a variety of safety devices, such as, Emergency-off button, switch bracket, pressure wave strips, acoustic and optical (flashlight) fuses.
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Piggyback systems for 508 (but also available for other platform trucks)

In addition to our vehicle type 508, we also offer the so-called piggyback trailer system or short piggyback. This system was first created decades ago by PEFRA and in the meantime often copied by others.
Piggyback trailer and towing vehicle form a related entity during transport and represent an alternative to our extensive product range of tractors, electric tractors and trailer systems. Piggyback systems are available in different sizes and structures.
Technically, the piggyback trailer is pushed onto the tractor and locked thereto. The locking is technical, however, carried out in such a way that irregularities in the road, similar to semitrailers, are balanced.
On arrival at delivery destination or reloading point, the piggyback trailer is decoupled and can be integrated with the overlying load on the own-use site in the logistic process. Frequently, the piggyback trailer is used as part of a production belt, or with sales structures, but also for large document archives.
Alternatively, there are also piggyback systems with an articulated coupling.
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Driverless transport systems (FTS), automated guided vehicles (AGV), freely movable transport systems and special transport

Driverless transport systems, even automated guided vehicles or freely movable transport systems mentioned, are precision vehicles.
The customer rightly expects demand-oriented and durable products. As a part of the rapidly growing demand for low-cost transport solutions, these individual vehicles are produced mostly with several axle lines and with direct electrical and/or battery-powered drives.
Thereby, it does not matter for PEFRA whether radio controls, cable or loop-bound control units are in demand. Whether automatic target travel by transponder, remote control, mechanical switching devices, control panels, or with control bottles, engineers and constructors of PEFRA always have a ready customer-oriented solution. Our vehicles are equipped, according to the customer's request, with a variety of safety devices, such as, Emergency-off button, emergency stop button, switch bracket, pressure wave strips, and acoustic and optical fuses.
The drive - and steering technique varies between mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, hydro-mechanical, electro-hydraulically and is oriented towards the requirements.
The replacement of less powerful system solutions, for example, will grow in the coming years by replacing composite trips of lift trucks with industrial trailers or tugger trains through powerful complex FTS or AGV systems. The technical potential for more effective production and logistics are enormous.
We are experts in this technology, we shall be pleased to advise you and execute your order.
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Special vehicles

The core competencies of PEFRA clearly include economic and technical expertise for conception of special vehicles. Experienced technicians and engineers are involved in the implementation. The customer benefits from the expertise and sense of responsibility of our constructors and engineers and can take their own investment decisions based on clear and objective considerations. Our offers are created according to a certified standard which is regularly reviewed and reflects our company's performance.
Our technical plans, documentations and constructions are developed with modern planning systems and are stored which can be electronically reproduced.
During the operational phase of our vehicles, our employees are constantly striving to advise and support customers in case of problems at short notice and with a high technical level. This ranges from telephonic customer information up to the sound technical assistance, either by our employees, or our local service partners.
Our business partners appreciate our performance and our service profile, not only for special vehicles. We want to continue to take this path together with all our customers and furthermore we are committed to high quality standards.
Global sales, timely and properly sequenced supply of spare parts and our after-sales service, by us or our authorized distributors, round off products and services of PEFRA AG.
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Rolling pallets

Rolling pallets and rolling pallet systems are mobile, roll able pallets that can be manufactured in different sizes and carrying capacity. The transportation of smaller rolling pallets can be carried out by a commercial truck; additionally there is the possibility to attach it to a normal tractor or storage device.
For transport solutions of greater rolling pallets, mostly combinations with a “gooseneck” are used. Often, tractors or trucks are used with a gooseneck console as transport vehicles. Locking pins ensure a secure lock between tractor and towing vehicle. Gooseneck systems can be offered as automatic or hydraulic locking systems.
In case of parked rolling pallets, supports guarantee a secure footing and protection against rolling away. For transport, rolling pallets are unilaterally lifted by a lifting device of a tractor/truck, or by lifting the forks arms of the forklift truck and pulled or pushed on their own wheels.
The fulcrum of the rolling pallets is located on the tractor or the truck, so that a shunting of the rolling pallets, similar to semitrailers falls easily.
Particularly attractive are rolling pallet systems, as these can be parked in narrow parking bays without time-consuming shunting work. More than 100 tons can be efficiently moved and stored temporarily with loads.
Rolling pallets are not mass product, but are designed and manufactured by us on customer request. Rolling pallets and their use often require a logistic analysis on site. Senior expert of PEFRA AG offer our customers the chance to work together on transport innovations and cost-effective solutions to generate synergies.
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