Germany, Bavaria, and thus also the PEFRA group need optimally trained professionals, to continue creating a successfully future. Education is the central resource of our country, which to enhance it.
The key of the future for a business is not only the foresight of the management, but also and especially of the employees.
We can therefore start not early enought to educate upcoming employees, to introduce to the business, to stay successfully. If there are not enough qualified candidates available, we have to force less qualified candidates in the educational and professional qualifications. This isn't easy for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but financial and human investments in the future with an uncertain potential are required.
We as PEFRA Group are convinced, that this efforts, despite all the risks, be profitable
Our approach goes beyond additional training in a recognized training occupation. Responsibility and social competence and leadership by example are unwritten elements of our training plans for our training management.
We have found, that we interest in trainig at PEFRA with our offer for trial- trainig and introductory days. Therefore, we offer these possibilities all educational lines such as secondary schools, preschools, schools. So we impart social competence and responsibility in the social environment. We meet old applicants with broken- off study or trainig with offers for internship opportunities and training.
We are convinced, our goal-oriented action is crucial, that so far all final exams were invariably successful.
After the training it is our aim, our young employeers not only introduce to their tasks, but also responsibility to transfer and to provide opportunities.
Who chooses the way but after completion of training for higher education, accompanied by us with attention, in order to open on later new perspectives by PEFRA.