Electric towing tractors780

Electric tow tractor 780

Transportation of high loads in the business premises or on in-house paths and roads often require the previous analysis of the infrastructure: road conditions therefore play a more important role.
The main focus of our model 780 is therefore also on the holistic approach of a logistical task. The modular system of the vehicle series 740-760 - 780 strongly emphasizes cost efficiency and quality.
With 28kW- drive power and 80 V voltages, our model 7890 is equipped with the most powerful engine and other equipment of this series. The electric tractor moves loads with up to 40 to loads from 3% inclines till 12km/h (cordoned off).
The battery compartment usually accommodates 560 Ah or 840 Ah batteries*. German road traffic regulations (StVZO) lighting and a steel booth with steel doors and safety glass complete the basic equipment.
Vehicles of this type have proved in the past their economic viability with more than 100,000 operating hours. In addition, our model 780 is a common identity creator, which imparts sovereignty to the drivers and owners - knowingly or unknowingly. Just strong enough to outdo its superiority.
Obviously these are key factors for the acceptance in the automotive industry, on airports, railway stations, tunnel construction, aircraft manufacturers and service providers in the heavy industry guarantees of success.
Die Details können der technischen Fahrzeugbeschreibung des Basismodells 780 entnommen werden.
* Surcharge
**halted towing capacity

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Special equipment is not included in the price of the basic equipment configuration of the vehicle.

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