Electric towing tractors740

Electric tow tractor 740

In the coming decades, the low-emission transport of economic goods will increasingly come to the fore. In the meantime, the demands of the politics and the environmental specialists have reached all the companies in the European Union.
An answer to the questions is the replacement of diesel-driven tractors by electric tractor. The unity between function, environmental protection and cost efficiency offers up to 20,000 kg towing force of our model 740 of PEFRA.
The 21 KW three-phase motors moves up to 20 towing capacity dynamically and with a high climbing ability of the caterpillars. The electric tractor has established itself not only for its technology in the market; its design also maintains the driver's image.
Our model 740 is successful in health centers, tunnel systems, hospitals and particularly in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry.
Users and owners can configure* the vehicle individually to use its entire complexity. Radio* CD player*, air conditioners*, superstructures*, sensors*, compressed air systems*, superstructures*, special couplings* and much more is available as considerable options* and special equipments*.
Die Details können der technischen Fahrzeugbeschreibung des Basismodells 740 entnommen werden.
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Special equipment is not included in the price of the basic equipment configuration of the vehicle.

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